Integrating with Zuplo

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The Zuplo API Gateway is highly configurable and extendable. A policy that allows for the Phantom Token to be configured is provided by Zuplo out-of-the-box.

This article describes the Introspection and Phantom Tokens process in more detail.


If you do not have an installation of the Curity Identity Server, follow this tutorial installation of the Curity Identity Server and configure the installation by running Curity Basic Setup Wizard as outlined in this tutorial Curity Basic Setup Wizard.

Configure Zuplo

The Zuplo documentation details how to configure the Zuplo API Gateway with the Curity Phantom Token Auth.

Environment VariableDescriptionExampleRequired for integration
INTROSPECTION_URLThe URL used by Zuplo to introspect the opaque access token.https://idsvr.example.com/oauth/v2/oauth-introspectYes
CLIENT_IDID of the client used for introspection.gateway-clientYes
CLIENT_SECRETSecret of the client used for introspection.Pa$$word1!Yes


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