Modernizing Infrastructure

Establish a scalable infrastructure that handles market demand changes, is easy to integrate, and ensures long-term security.

Modernizing legacy systems
Scale and adapt

Scale and Adapt

Business growth, change, new initiatives, or mergers and acquisitions can all prove challenging to existing identity and access management infrastructure. Speed and scalability are essential to delivering modern identity management, particularly with the exponential growth around API security. The ability to scale up by configuration rather than writing code, following open standards, and applying separation of concerns design principles becomes crucial, this is where the Curity Identity Server comes in.

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Easy Integration and Separation of Concerns

Managing modern identity is an involved process. By separating the different aspects of identity into discrete logical components, it becomes easier to map requirements onto functions. An Identity Management System needs to have complete architectural coverage of the use-cases that arise when building large-scale mobile, web, and API-driven applications.

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Easy integration and separation of concerns
Future proof your security architecture with industry standards

Future Proof your Security Architecture with Industry Standards

We believe industry standards are vital for ensuring long-term, high-level security. It is why the Curity Identity Server supports a wide range of identity and security-related protocols including OAuth and OpenID Connect. It handles the complexities of these standards, making them easier to use, customize and deploy. Being able to customize and configure for a wide range of use cases enables faster deployment.

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Reduce maintenance costs

Improve quality and availability

Speed up time-to-market

Modernizing Legacy IAM Systems

Modernizing Legacy IAM Systems

In this whitepaper, KuppingerCole assesses the necessities for modernizing legacy IAM systems and how Curity aligns with them.

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