Making the Internet safer

We Are Dedicated to Making the Internet Safer

Together we help organizations solve problems related to identities, APIs and secure digital services.

Our Story

Making the Internet a safe, private place is a capital "H" hard problem. Solving it requires organizations to work together - across industries and geographies - using agreed-upon, open, interoperable standards. At Curity, we have found that the best contribution we can make to help solve this problem is by working with the community on the advancement of the standards, and to deliver a product that facilitates easy implementation of them.

Safe digital services at a larger scale.

Curity's founding team included identity specialists, code wizards, sales and finance professionals. Curity was launched in 2015, after the founders identified a demand for advanced security solutions as organizations had become more and more digitally focused. They specifically saw the need for a solution that addressed both IAM and API management in a standardized way to reduce the pressure on development and operational teams. The vision was to offer a ready-made solution where the client is in full control of their data and can manage user identities without the need for custom code.

Today, the Curity Identity Server is the most complete OAuth and OpenID Connect server, and we enjoy the trust of large organizations in most industries, including financial services, telecom, retail, gaming, energy and government services across many countries. By leveraging our technology, organizations can offer safe digital services at a larger scale.

Curity is headquartered in Stockholm but has team members all over the world.

Travis Spencer

We are working hard to help make the online experience of humanity safer and more secure. It’s a labor of love, and we are happy to contribute where we can!

Travis Spencer - CEO

Curity’s Mission

Making the Internet safer

Making the Internet safer

Supply a product that helps make the online world safer and more secure.

Manage Complexity

Manage Complexity

Making the complexities of OAuth and OpenID Connect standards easier to manage for development and operations.

Uphold Privacy

Uphold Privacy

Solve issues and challenges related to digital identity and champion privacy.



Staying ahead of industry and regulatory changes.


Sponsors of the Apache Foundation

Apache Foundation

We are proud to sponsor the Apache Foundation. Their work and support of open source projects enable digital prosperity for all of us and are crucial for achieving our vision, making the Internet a safer place for everyone.

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Nordic APIs

Nordic APIs is an international community of API practitioners and enthusiasts with a mission to help organizations make smarter tech decisions, become more innovative, lean, and efficient. using APIs. This is done through knowledge and information sharing via an API focused blog and events. Curity help Nordic APIs organize two if its annual events, the Austin API Summit in Texas and the Platform Summit in Stockholm.

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Members of the OpenID Foundation

OpenID Foundation

The OpenID Foundation (OIDF) is instrumental in promoting, protecting, and nurturing the OpenID community and technologies. We are proud to support the vital work they do, and join the mission of championing OpenID's adoption worldwide.

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Women in Identity logo

Women in Identity

Curity are proud sponsors of Women in Identity, they inspire, elevate and support a more diverse workforce in the digital identity industry. We share a vision for the digital identity world and are closely aligned on the values of diversity, opportunity, transparency and positive change.

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