Curity Sponsors the Apache Foundation

Curity Sponsors the Apache Foundation

Our vision is to make the internet a safer place for everyone. We have always recognized that open source is a crucial part of achieving this aspiration. We build our product on open source and deliver much of it freely. We also contribute code to the projects we utilize. For instance, engineers at Curity have submitted patches to Log4j, Spark, and Jetty, among others; some of these changes have even been archived in the Arctic Code Vault to preserve them for future generations. Some of our developers run open source projects of their own. It is a big part of Curity’s ethos.

For these reasons, we are very pleased to announce that we have joined in sponsoring the Apache Foundation. This organization develops and oversees hundreds of open source projects, many of which make up parts of the Internet backbone. In the Curity Identity Server, we use dozens of open source libraries that are under the foundation’s stewardship (e.g., Santuario, Tika, Velocity, and many others). If it were not for the Apache Foundation’s work since 1999 to incubate and steward such projects, the internet community would not be thriving to the same degree. Open source is enabling our digital prosperity, and the Apache Foundation plays a key, behind-the-scenes role in this.

Bronze Sponsor

When I look out over the software horizon, I believe that open source will become even more important in the future. For this reason, our support of the Apache Foundation is a significant part of preparing for that eventuality, Jacob Ideskog, CTO at Curity, predicts.

As open source becomes increasingly essential, the work of the Apache Foundation also becomes more important. For this reason, we have decided that we must do our small part in helping the foundation fulfill its functions and goals by sponsoring. We hope you, too, will consider supporting the Apache Foundation and others like it that are making open source viable and sustainable.

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