ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance

At Curity, we have several initiatives supporting our ESG program. These initiatives aim to promote environmentally sustainable business practices, positive social contributions, and responsible and ethical corporate governance.

Two hands representing Environmental


Curity's mission is to make the internet safer, we can't achieve that without considering the environment. To build a sustainable business, we're designing products and solutions that minimize the environmental impact of our customers, employees, and suppliers. Our business decision-making process and leadership take into account the impact we have on our surroundings.

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Two hands representing Social


We believe that secure access to the internet is a human right, which is why we spend our days making the internet safer. Using our knowledge and skills to help everyone be safe online and to enable society in a positive way is a significant part of what drives us to work hard. Companies are responsible for employees and their impact on society and the world around them, so we strive to make a difference on working conditions, labor rights, and diversity.

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Without good governance we cannot achieve our mission to make the internet safer. We believe corporate governance is essential for the development of organizations and provides long-term benefits for employees, stakeholders and society.

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