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Modern identity and access management (IAM) and API security for Government. Deliver secure, high-quality digital solutions for citizens, employees and partners with Curity's identity server.

Create a Common Identity Platform across Digital Services

Create a Common Identity Platform across Digital Services

Enable secure and consistent authentication across your public sector organization to deliver excellent user experiences, and protect data and personal information. The Curity Identity Server provides smooth and secure authentication, helping you meet evolving expectations and optimize efficiency.

Benefits of a Common Identity Platform

Modernize the Security Infrastructure

Establish a scalable security infrastructure that handles demand changes, is easy to integrate, and ensures long-term security. Industry standards are vital for ensuring long-term, high-level security. The Curity Identity Server supports a range of protocols, including OAuth, OpenID Connect, and FIPS 201-3. In addition, it can be customized and configured for a wide range of use cases, enabling faster deployment.

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Modernize the Security InfrastructureOpenID Certified
Use Zero Trust to Protect Government Services

Use Zero Trust to Protect Government Services

Ensure that the right people can access the right resources at the right time. Adopting a token-based architecture to secure applications and APIs is vital to creating trust and protecting against misuse, data or identity theft, and other security breaches.

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Control Your User Data

Being a cloud-native application, the Curity Identity Server offers the freedom to deploy the server and connected databases in your desired location, be it a private, public, or on-premise data center. This gives you greater control of your data, and allows you to fulfill regulatory requirements such as GDPR and comply with procurement requirements for other infrastructure components.

Control Your User Data
Secure API Communication

Secure API Communication

Requirements for API communication and data exchange can be different when used internally, between government agencies and when communicating with external actors. The Curity Identity Server keeps API communication secure in all scenarios.

Centralize identity and access management

Centralizeidentity and access management

Reduce maintenance costs

Reducemaintenance costs

Standardized access control

Standardizedaccess control

Comply with regulation

Complywith regulation

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