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The Curity Identity Server brings identity and API security together, allowing scalable and secure user access to apps and websites. In addition, it enables consistent authentication experiences for customers, employees, and partners.

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Trusted by Many

Trusted by Many
Curity Identity Server
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Create a Common Identity Platform

Create a Common Identity Platform for Your Customers and Developers.

Modern business complexities present a particular challenge for developers. They need to provide applications that perform consistently and securely across digital services for clients and devices. The Curity Identity Server provides a common platform delivering developer-friendly Identity and Access Management that is flexible, scalable, secure, and easy to integrate with and deploy.

Benefits of a Common Identity Platform
Seamless User Authentication

Seamless User Authentication

Today, web and app users have very high expectations about security and the experience while using apps and services. Curity's Hypermedia Authentication API enables easy, integrated login - users never leave your site. You can customize your users' login experience and ensure the customer journey is optimal and in line with your brand.

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Secure and Flexible Token Management

Tokens play a central role in establishing trust and ensuring the API has enough information to make the right access decision every time. With Curity’s Token Service, you can design and customize your tokens to suit specific situations and use cases.

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OAuth and OpenID Connect Done Better

We believe industry standards are vital for ensuring long-term, high-level Security. The Curity Identity Server supports a wide range of identity and security-related standards, including OAuth and OpenID Connect; it handles the complexities of these standards, making them easier to use, customize and deploy.

OAuth and OpenID Connect

Run on Your Preferred Infrastructure

On-premise or in the Cloud.

Deploy your Curity Identity Server on-premise or in the Cloud.

Multiple cloud environments

You can even run in multiple cloud environments simultaneously.

Helm Charts

Simple to package and deploy with Helm Charts.

See Curity Identity Server in action

See Curity Identity Server in action

In this demo, we give you a comprehensive overview of the Curity Identity Server. What it is and what problems it helps you solve.

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What Analysts Say

What Customers Say

Discover how organizations are securing their digital services with the Curity Identity Server.

Trusted by Many

Curity Identity Server helps organizations offer safe digital services and is used for logging in and securing millions of users' access to web and mobile applications. Here are just a few of our customers.

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