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Authentication is much more than login. An advanced Authentication Service enables multi-factor authentication, threat mitigation, mobile and web SSO, user self-service with password resets and account creation, all ready-made without the need for custom code.

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OAuth and OpenID Connect

Secure your APIs, apps, and websites using OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. Designing security around standards means faster integrations, more secure access and freedom of choice when it comes to products.

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The world's most powerful OAuth and OpenID Connect Server

Curity Architecture

Curity is based on the design principle of separation of concerns. This means that Curity is ready for the identity structure of today, as well as prepared for the unknown principles of tomorrow.

Curity Architecture

Forget dependencies to proprietary integration packages and SDKs. The Curity Identity Server is a complete, standards based, Identity Management System. Using OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, JSON Web Tokens and SCIM among others, it provides standards based integration with apps and APIs.

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Per Ryding

”User authentication is essential when offering solutions for 18 European countries. Curity enabled us to create Bisnode ID, a simple, yet highly secure login experience unifying Bisnode’s many different services and unique requirements”

Per Ryding
Group Director Development, Bisnode AB