Zero Trust and Security Architecture

The modern business environment needs security models that adapt to the complexities of mobile workforces, devices, applications, and data wherever they are.

Zero Trust
Elevate trust with a Token-based architecture

Elevate Trust With a Token-based Architecture

A Zero Trust Architecture is not a single architecture in itself. It is a set of guidelines for the design of systems and operations that intend to tighten the security to protect enterprise assets. A token-based architecture is precisely the kind of robust authentication service needed to get started on implementing a Zero Trust Architecture.

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Give the Right People Access to the Right Resources. At the Right Time.

Central to the principles of Zero Trust Architecture is ensuring that the right people have access to the right resources at the right time. Nothing is trusted or allowed access until verified. Adopting a Token-based architecture (encrypted data) to secure applications and APIs is vital to creating trust and protects against misuse, data or identity theft, and other security breaches.

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Give the right people access to the right resources. At the right time.
Apply a Zero-trust model for apps and APIs

Apply a Common Trust Model for All Apps and APIs

With more resources moving to the cloud and employees working remote more now than ever, the internal vs. external perimeter doesn't really exist anymore, and the traditional models don’t work anymore. This is where a Zero Trust architecture comes into play.

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