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FIPS 201 Is Changing

2 min read

FIPS 201-3 is expected to be ratified very soon. To help you make sense of this update and to prepare, we have published and updated a few resources:

User Opt-In Multi-Factor Authentication

2 min read

What are the benefits of using Opt-In MFA action, a new addition to the Curity Identity Server?

Modernizing identity and access management infrastructure

Considerations for a Modern IAM Infrastructure

4 min read

What are the factors that need to be considered when choosing a way to modernize your identity and access management infrastructure?

HEART OpenID Connect

From the HEART

5 min read

How do you protect people's integrity in a pandemic when you rely on private data being shared and accessible?

Token Handler: The Single Page Application’s New BFF

7 min read

How do you solve the conflict between Single Page Applications running smoothly and end-users receiving the best customer experience in the browser?

Going Passwordless with WebAuthn

Going Passwordless With WebAuthn

5 min read

Weak passwords are driving a factor towards a passwordless approach. The WebAuthn standard is one of the leading technologies to achieve this securely.

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