Common Identity Platform

Enable consistent, secure authentication experiences for end users and provide access security to developer teams across your organization.

Common Identity Platform
Consistent Login Experiences

Consistent Login Experiences

Delivering an excellent customer experience is now an essential part of any business. Engagement with customers, partners, key stakeholders, and suppliers has to be as easy as possible and, most importantly, protect and secure access to data and personal information. Consistent, smooth, secure login and authentication experiences for any of these groups bring additional value to any business and provides significant competitive advantages.

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A Common Identity and Access Platform for Your Developers

The complexity of modern business presents a particular challenge for developers. The need to provide applications that perform consistently and securely across digital services for a variety of clients and devices is tough.

Many of our customers use the Curity Identity Server to provide a common platform delivering developer-friendly Identity and Access Management that is flexible, scalable, secure and easy to integrate with and deploy as a solution to this challenge.

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A Common Identity and Access Platform for Your Developers

Centralize identity management policies

Decentralize app development

Self-service Product Management

Leverage Existing Investment

Leverage Existing Investment

Over time organizations can find themselves with multiple data sources, different authentication mechanisms, and wildly different policies using various solutions. An in-house development project may be hard to manage if key personnel move on, or a shift to APIs as a primary way to connect applications, requires new ways to make sure the right people have access to the right information.

Hooking legacy systems into a Common Identity Platform and enabling new connections and services to be added means that the service is future-proofed. More importantly, the total cost of ownership is significantly reduced.

Modernizing Infrastructure

Untangle the Web of Identity

Consistent identity management across brands and digital services enables smooth login for users across multiple devices and provides added business value.

A Common Identity and Access Platform for Your Developers

Manage the Complexity

An API-driven approach helps manage complexity and empower your business and development teams.

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