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Secure Financial Services

Enhance security and meet customer demands for greater access to data and financial services.

Secure Financial Services
Protect Financial Information

Protect Financial Information

Regulation and customer demands for greater access to financial data require enhanced security. With the Curity Identity Server, you can make sure the financial information is protected while future-proofing your identity and access management system.

Financial-grade Package
[object Object] - Bankdata achieves an improved, modernized identity infrastructure with the Curity Identity Server

We’re really pleased to have achieved an infrastructure that not only help us comply with regulation now, but that we can scale and adapt to suit future requirements, and new legal demands as they come, without the need to rip out and replace.

Michael Lind Mortensen - Lead Domain Architect at Bankdata

Improve Customer Experiences

Excellent user experience is essential for the modern financial services industry and there is no need to compromise on app security to deliver it. With the Curity Identity Server, you can achieve secure and seamless authentication, reduce customer friction, and increase customer loyalty.

Improve Customer Experiences

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2024 DEVIES Award Winner

In recognition of outstanding design, engineering and innovation, DeveloperWeek selected the Curity Identity Server Financial-grade Package as a 2024 DEVIES Award winner. Learn more about the Financial-grade Package and how it provides identity and access management and API security specifically for financial services organizations.

Strengthen API Security

Strengthen API Security

Protect high-value information, securely encode data into tokens, and enable safe authorization using all of the standards related to OAuth. The Curity Identity Server makes this possible and can be deployed in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment.

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Meet Financial Regulatory Requirements

Meet Financial Regulatory Requirements

Protect customer data privacy, show evidence of customer consent, and facilitate the secure exchange of data. Curity's solution enables robust authentication methods that comply with local regulations, including open banking and the second EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

Curity's Financial Security Solution can help you


Protectcustomer information and ensure privacy


Financial-gradeAPI Security


Seamlessand secure customer login


Adaptive user authentication

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