Getting Started

Introductory resources helping you get the Curity Identity Server up and running.

Getting Started

1. Installation

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2. First Configuration

First Configuration

Once the Curity Identity Server has been installed, the next step is to configure it for the first time. In this tutorial we walk you through the basic configuration.

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3. Set up a Username Authenticator

Set up a Username Authenticator

Next, you need to set up authenticators. The most common login method is username and password. In this tutorial we show you how to set up a username and password authenticator.

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4. Configure Your First OAuth Client

Configure your first OAuth Client

You have completed the basic configuration and set up a username authenticator. Next it is time to create a client.

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5. Test Your Set-up

There are several options for testing. Choose your preferred method below.

Once you are up and running

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