Configure an Authenticator

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The most common login method is username and password. The Curity Identity Server provides an authenticator called html-form that is suitable for setting up a login with username and password. It uses a Credential Manager to verify the credentials, which in turn uses a data source. It can also be configured with an Account Manager to allow for user self-signup.

This tutorial makes use of the Credential Manager and Account Manager that were created as part of the First Configuration Tutorial.


Select Authentication -> Authenticators from the sidebar menu to go to the Authenticators page.


Add a new Authenticator

Click New Authenticator on the authenticator page, and type the name username-password. Select the HTML-Form Authenticator type in the grid of authenticators and click next.

Username Authenticator

Configure Credential Manager and Account Manager

The HTML Form authenticator needs a Credential Manager in order to verify credentials and optionally an Account Manager for user registration. Select the default-account-manager as account manager and default-credential-manager as credential manager.

Credential and Account Manager

Commit the Changes

Commit the changes via the Changes menu.


Commit Message

Optionally add a commit message.

Commit Message

Next Steps

Now your first authenticator is configured. The next step is to configure an OAuth client.