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After having finished the getting started track you know how to install the Curity Identity Server on a platform of your choice. You understand the basic setup wizard and can configure an authenticator as well as a client. Last but not least, you made yourself familiar with OAuth Tools, the OAuth Assistant or cURL for testing a flow.

Now is the time to explore the Curity Identity Server even further. Here are some suggested next steps that detail some more advanced configurations and integrations.

Suggested Next Steps


You are probably familiar with the most basic configuration of the Curity Identity Server using the Admin UI. However, you can do much more with the Curity Identity Server.

API Gateway Integrations

An API gateway provides a single point of entry for an application and thus is very suitable for enforcing security. With the use of an API gateway you can maximize security by implementing one of the following options:

There are several resources that help you to integrate the Curity Identity Server with various API gateway products using one of the architectural approaches:

Check out even more resources regarding API gateway integration under How-Tos.

Other Integrations

Now that you have an instance of the Curity Identity Server with some basic configuration up and running, you may want to change the login of some of your applications. Here are some suggestions for what you can try next:

In case you host your own application, you may want to continue with one of the following steps:

Check out the following resources to learn more about how to monitor the Curity Identity Server using various tools:

Code Examples

In addition to a great selection of articles on various topics, Curity provides lots of open sourced and sample code of various integrations and plugins. Have a look and browse through the code examples.

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