Curity Identity Server Concepts Overview

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The design goals of the Curity Identity Server are focused on the following key principles, which are used to provide many security features for real-world systems:

  • Separation of Concerns
  • Extensibility in Key Areas
  • Reliability

These Concepts articles will summarize the most important behavior and provide a shopping list of capabilities that your Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution should provide.

The following diagram provides an overview of the components and areas. There are three main services, each of which use the core subsystems:

Concepts Articles

The following articles overview how the functional and non-functional areas of the system are designed:

AuthenticationKey authentication features companies are likely to need
TokensFeatures needed to protect data in APIs to high standards
Curity DataAn overview of the types of data managed by the Curity Identity Server
DeploymentExtensible deployment options and behaviors
High AvailabilityFull operational features for ensuring high availability


At Curity, we think very carefully about the behavior our customers require for their systems to succeed. Our focus on standards and separation provides an excellent toolbox for building security solutions. We also follow modern deployment and availability patterns to deliver a system that will run reliably over time.

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