Install on Azure

Install on Azure

In this tutorial we will do a basic deployment of the Curity Identity Server to run on Azure using the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template. For more in-depth instructions how to deploy the Curity Identity Server on Azure, please read this tutorial.

Deploy the ARM template.

The ARM template is hosted on our GitHub account. You can deploy it simply by clicking the button below.

Deploy to Azure

The template will set up an Azure Container Instance (ACI) with the Curity Identity Server image. It will be exposed to the Internet.

If you want to modify the template or for other reasons prefer the Azure CLI, there are instructions available on GitHub.


Once you have clicked the Deploy button you get redirected to Azure to enter some settings before you can do the actual deployment.

  • First you have to select in which Subscription and Resource group you want to deploy in. Then you have some parameters for the application.
  • Depending on your Region and DNS Label you will get a different DNS name of your deployment.
  • The Password is the password you will use later on when logging in to the Admin UI.
  • The Name parameter is which name the ACI will have.

Click on Review + create and then Create after accepting the terms.

Getting the Admin URL

When the deployment is done, click on the Outputs to see the URLs to the services. Navigate to the Admin URL to see that it responds. If it doesn't try again a little later, it usually takes about a minute for the service to be up and running.

Certificate warning

The Curity Identity Server will generate a self-signed server certificate. This will not be trusted by your browser so you will have to make an exception in order to access the service.

Next Steps

Now the Curity Identity Server is up and running but without any configuration. The next step is to set up the basic profiles and services. Move on to the First Configuration Tutorial.