Standards and Conformance

Conforming to Standards Protects Your Users

Industry standards are designed, developed and vetted by experts and help ensure a high baseline of security.


Industry Standards to Future-Proof Your Investment

In today’s fast-paced and competitive digital world, organizations cannot afford to invest time and money in technology that doesn’t integrate easily with other solutions, creates vendor lock-in, makes it challenging to recruit new talent, or is proven not to be reliable. The Curity identity Server is built on established industry standards that are proven and tested, supporting the security of your organization over the long-term.

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Certifications Received

Industry Certifications

Curity Identity Server has been certified to conform to the OpenID Connect and Mobile Connect standards. In particular, the Curity product has been self-certified to comply with the basic, implicit, hybrid and configuration protocols of OpenID Connect. Support for Mobile Connect v. 1.1 has been certified by GSMA.

A Growing List of Supported Standards

Curity Identity Server enables the use of a wide range of identity-related standards. It supports a growing list of OAuth, OpenID Connect, SCIM and related protocols from standard bodies such as IETF, OpenID Foundation and OASIS. In addition to integration standards, a large number of user authentication standards such as Kerberos, TOTP and SAML, are also supported.

A Growing List of Supported Standards


OAuth is an open standard, which provides clients secure delegated access to server resources on behalf of a resource owner. It can be complex though and the Curity Identity Server helps you manage these complexities, making it easier to use, customize and deploy.

RFC or SpecNamePurpose of Standard
See Curity Identity Server in action

See Curity Identity Server in action

In this demo, we give you a comprehensive overview of the Curity Identity Server. What it is and what problems it helps you solve.

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