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Be the First to Know When Things Go Wrong

Quickly identifying issues is key to minimize impact. The Curity Identity Server’s powerful system monitor, and alarm function helps reduce downtime when the worst (or not so great) happens, and lets you get on with solving the problem.


Reduce Time to Resolution

When a failure occurs, time is of the essence. If something goes wrong, an alarm is triggered and an automated report is created, including key information such as type of error, severity, impacted resources and status.

Resolve issues faster

Detect and address outages

Improve operational efficiency

Server A

Server B

Server C

Server D

Server A is experiencing issues

Assess Service Impact

How critical is the incident? This flag allows your team to prioritize correctly and according to the expected impact on your business or service.


Instant View of Impacted Resources

The system tells you which resource is failing, allowing you to quickly start working on a solution instead of spending lots of time trying to identify where the problem is.

Complete visibility of critical systems

Real-time smart insights

Quickly assess business impact

Alarm Chain of Events

When an issue is detected, automated workflows kick into action and trigger a series of events prompting your team to take action.


A slow database is detected


The database is down and results in a critical error


An email is sent


A Slack webhook is triggered


An alarm is sent to PagerDuty


Action is taken and issues are resolved


Make Better Sense of Alarm Data

Receive alarms in your system of choice by relaying them using our built in HTTP, SMTP, or PagerDuty alarm senders

Read more about Alarms

Quickly build alarm senders using our SDK which will allow you to view alarms in any Network Operation Center (NOC)

Collect our alarms without having to replace your management system and processes

Learn more about the SDK
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Monitoring and Metrics

Monitor the health of your Curity Cluster. Ready-made integrations with Prometheus and Grafana.

Read more about monitoring
See Curity Identity Server in action

See Curity Identity Server in action

In this demo, we give you a comprehensive overview of the Curity Identity Server. What it is and what problems it helps you solve.

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