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DevOps Dashboard

Remove Resource Bottlenecks

A decentralized admin dashboard that allows developers and operators to perform time-critical tasks without full access to the Curity Identity Server or relying on your busy system administrators.

DevOps Dashboard

Clients 14

Scopes 20

Claims 12

Alarms 1

DevOps Dashboard
 Developer self-service removes bottlenecks

Developer self-service removes bottlenecks

Easy access to clients, scopes, and claims

Easy access to clients, scopes, and claims

Operations can view and act on alarms

Operations can view and act on alarms

Empower Your Dev Teams

Empower Your Dev Teams

Dev teams working on seemingly unrelated projects (e.g., website, mobile apps, APIs, intranet, etc.) may sooner or later need to communicate with APIs, or their clients need to go through a gateway for authentication. Often, they need to contact the identity team to ask for help, adding time to the project. Developers can set up new OAuth clients, change existing ones, manage scopes, and view claims by themselves with the DevOps Dashboard’s self-service features.

A simplified UI

Low risk of interfering

Access based on team

Quickly React to Alarms

DevOps or other operators can view system alarms without full access to the Curity Identity Server. Allowing them to see information relating to the warning, such as impact analysis, without gaining complete access to the server. The service impact analysis also includes other impacted components. For instance, a database becomes unresponsive, so an alarm will trigger for all the components that directly or indirectly rely on this database. The DevOps Dashboard gives operators only the information and access they require to quickly identify and remediate the problem.

Explore Alarms

Server A is experiencing issues

Dynamic Clients



Manage Applications, APIs and Clients

Manage ad-hoc clients created for individual users

Update clients without having to alter database tables where mistakes could be catastrophic

Work remotely using a simple web-based view to find and locate specific applications quickly

Easy User Management

Flexible user management without code

Quickly set up test users during development

Find and edit accounts in an easy-to-use Web UI


New User

John Doe

Multi-factor authentication

Secure and Easy MFA Access

The DevOps Dashboard is easy to set up with multi-factor authentication (MFA). It utilizes the Curity Authentication Service to authenticate users stored in any data source, use authentication actions to trigger MFA, blocks access if in a new country, and so on. It also supports federated authentication via social providers like GitHub or standard OpenID Connect or SAML.

You can configure it for large-scale deployments, where certain teams can view and modify specific clients and alarms. This is enabled through the delegated administration supporting role and group-based access control.

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