Liminal Names Curity a Leading Customer Authentication Vendor

Liminal Names Curity a Leading Customer Authentication Vendor

We're excited to announce Curity's recognition as a leading vendor in the Liminal Link Index™ for Customer Authentication. Liminal,a global marketing and competitive intelligence firm, has ranked Curity among the top authentication providers for its strong product execution and readiness to meet emerging market demands.

The Link Index™ benchmarks 50 customer authentication vendors’ ability to navigate the complexities of security, user experience and scalability in industries such as financial services, healthcare, e-commerce and travel. Among the vendors included in the research, only 15 qualify as leaders in the market.

Curity scores high on the Link Index™ in key areas crucial for organizations choosing customer authentication solutions. The company receives the highest possible rating for its developer-centric deployment and AI and machine learning capabilities. The Curity Identity Server CIAM platform is praised for its usability, offering comprehensive APIs, SDKs, and tools for streamlined integration and management of authentication processes. Additionally, Curity’s scalability, stability during high traffic, and flat, license-based pricing model were highlighted as key strengths.

“Being listed as a leading vendor in the Link Index™ is an outstanding achievement,” Curity CEO Gustaf Sahlman says. “It is an honor to be recognized for our efforts in building exceptional customer access security solutions.”

Access the report here to learn more about the state of the customer authentication market, the needs that are driving demand, and how Curity meets them.

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