Identity provider

Extend the Life of Your IdP

No need to rip and replace (unless you want to). With the Curity Identity Server you can complement modern Identity and API access management with your existing IdP and integrate with your infrastructure.

Extend the Life of Your IdP
Extend Your Existing IDP

Extend Your Existing IdP

Extend your existing IdP with Curity and get enhanced OAuth and OpenID Connect standards with token customization for high level and customized API security, browserless authentication and hardened security for Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Add API access control

Increase web security

Prevent unauthorized access

Additional authentication journey events

Continue to manage logins with your existing Idp

Keep existing user accounts where they are

Integrate With Existing Solutions

You can integrate the Curity Identity Server with existing solutions if a full replacement isn't possible. The Curity Identity Server is ideally placed to complement existing solutions, enhance API security and scale with your business.

How to integrate your IdP with the Curity Identity Server

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