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Human by Design

We believe that secure access to the internet is a human right. For this reason, we continually work to make the internet safer. Using our knowledge and skills to help everyone be safe online and to enable all society to access information in a positive way is a big part of what makes us happy to go to work every day.

We believe that companies are responsible for employees and the impact they have on society and the world around them. Therefore, we put our beliefs into actions by providing good working conditions to our staff, complying with labor rights, and creating diversity.

To help us accomplish our aim

Work hard to maintain a flexible and creative environment where everyone feels that they are heard and seen.

Aim to improve the gender balance in all areas of the company.

Pay a fair wage for the local market.

Our people are encouraged to share activities that support our goals, such as volunteering, charity work, or sharing their skills with the community.

Words from the CFO

“We build trust through ethical, transparent, and inclusive business practices. We have a diverse and open-minded culture, where the best idea wins, no matter whose it is.”

Simon Andersson

Simon Andersson

CFO/CCO and Executive Director


We are proud to be associated with a number of organizations that share our vision for a safer internet and that have similar aims to us.

Apache Foundation

Apache Foundation

We are proud to sponsor the Apache Foundation. Their work and support of open source projects enable digital prosperity for all of us and are crucial for achieving our vision, making the Internet a safer place for everyone.

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Nordic APIs

Nordic APIs

Nordic APIs is an international community of API practitioners and enthusiasts with a mission to help organizations make smarter tech decisions, become more innovative, lean, and efficient. using APIs. This is done through knowledge and information sharing via an API focused blog and events. Curity help Nordic APIs organize two if its annual events, the Austin API Summit in Texas and the Platform Summit in Stockholm.

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OpenID Foundation

OpenID Foundation

The OpenID Foundation (OIDF) is instrumental in promoting, protecting, and nurturing the OpenID community and technologies. We are proud to support the vital work they do, and join the mission of championing OpenID's adoption worldwide.

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Women in Identity

Women in Identity

Curity are proud sponsors of Women in Identity, they inspire, elevate and support a more diverse workforce in the digital identity industry. We share a vision for the digital identity world and are closely aligned on the values of diversity, opportunity, transparency and positive change.

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