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Action Bundles are a feature introduced in the Curity Identity Server version 8.5. They group common patterns of authentication actions into one component that can be re-used over various authentication flows.

This tutorial explains the basics behind action bundles, where to find them in the UI and how to create one from the shipped resources.

Packaging Authentication Actions

An important part of an authentication flow are authentication actions that allow for customizing the Login as well as the Single-Sign-On (SSO) flow of an authentication. Often parts of those flows are the same over various authenticators and make use of the same series of authentication actions. To avoid duplication and having to reconfigure the same series over and over again, action bundles package common series of actions. They simply define part of an authentication flow that you can use together with your authenticators.

Since action bundles are used to modify an authentication flow just as authentication actions do, you can choose between them when designing a flow.

Select Action Bundle as new Action

There is one important difference though: Action bundles cover both the Login and SSO flow. That is why you will see an action bundle on both lanes when adding them to an authenticator.

Action Bundle are visible on Login and SSO Lane

You can find the configured action bundles under the menu item Action Bundles below Actions in the menu on the left-hand side of the Admin UI. There you can study the Login and SSO flow defined by the bundle.

Action Bundles are listed under the Action Bundles Menu Item

Create an Action Bundle

The Curity Identity Server includes some action bundles that you can use in your flows. Navigate to Action Bundles in the menu to the left. Press the button + New Action Bundle. A wizard pops up that guides you through the steps.

A Wizard Guides Through the Steps to Create a new Action Bundle

Press Create next to the action bundle that you want to create, e.g. Deny impossible journey.

Then, fill in the parameters and commit the changes at the end.

A Prompt to Enter all the Parameters for a new Action Bundle

More Than Actions

A shipped action bundle may include more than just authentication actions. For example, it may also create authenticators or procedures if required.

Extending Action Bundles

Action bundles are a partial authentication flow. You can extend and modify action bundles as you would adapt the flow of an authenticator. You can add, edit or remove actions at any stage. You can also modify any actions used in an action bundle via the Actions page.

Edit an Action Bundle

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