Working At Curity

Web Developer and UX/UI Designer, Sweden

Urban Sandén

Web Developer and UX/UI Designer, Sweden

My job entails implementing user interfaces, sketching concepts, designing and writing code as well as contributing to different parts of the Curity Identity Server. Every day I collaborate and work together both with the marketing and development teams.

My Background

I started my career doing graphic design and moved on to developing web and digital products. I’ve worked as a front-end developer at web agencies, a freelancer, and a consultant.

Before joining Curity, I was a part of a web consulting agency that I ran with two friends. We specialized in helping customers with strategy, product design, and web development, working with clients in e-commerce, retail, and startups. We also dedicated one day a week to make our own small products. I’ve always been interested in programming, design, and developing user interfaces, so working at the intersection of design and technology is something I truly enjoy.

My Curity Story

I joined Curity after a few years working as a consultant. I enjoy working on product full time and the challenges and rewards of building great solutions for users. With a clear vision and an inclusive culture, it’s a great place to work.

I like working in a Product company, constantly building and improving, with a long-term clear goal compared to jumping in and out of projects as you often do as a consultant.But what I like most is the great skilled and open-minded team at Curity. It is easy to collaborate with everyone and we always support each other.

In My Free Time

Apart from spending time with my family, I’m a music lover, collecting vinyl and absorbing all things music. I enjoy building small web apps and open-source tools, doing photography, and some occasional woodworking.

3 Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. Noice-reducing headphones
    They help me to quickly cut out background noise and find my focus.
  2. My iPad
    I started using it for sketches and notes, and find it extremely useful.
  3. A pair of comfy shoes
    Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes!

Next steps

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