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Picture of Sathya Duraisamy

Sathya Duraisamy

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer, Sweden

As a Quality Assurance Engineer, I take on different exciting challenges every day. Analyzing and troubleshooting builds, running exploratory tests and automating new ones as well as work on pipeline improvements. At the time of a new release, I am responsible for all release-related tests to ensure the quality of our product.

My background

Before joining Curity, I used to work in similar roles in different companies around the world. My main professional focus has mostly been test automation and managing testing activities.

When I got the chance to join Curity it was an opportunity to learn more about security and identity from the experts in the field, which I eagerly pursued.

Throughout my career, I have often been the only woman in the room. I used to feel odd in some places, and it's great that I don't feel like that at Curity at all. Read more

My Curity story

Working in challenging projects surrounded by skillful colleagues is what motivates me, and Curity is best at it. It is a multicultural work environment where everyone’s ideas are equally respected, and being part of Curity’s journey has enhanced my technical skills and creativity.

Another great thing about working at Curity is the learning environment that we have here. Every day, I get to learn more about different technologies and tools, expanding my knowledge and expertise. Looking at my colleagues who are so dedicated to the product we build and the company’s mission of making the Internet safer really inspires me to learn even more.

Work / Life

I am a person who doesn’t like to take work home and I need my evenings to be spent with my family. I am glad that it has been more than achievable while working at Curity, even before the pandemic.

Living in Stockholm allows me to enjoy hybrid work. I try to come to the office twice a week to enjoy the company of my colleagues which helps me to stay connected with them. When working from home, I have more time in the mornings to work out and spend more time with my daughter without rushing her to my schedule.

In my free time

When I don’t spend my free time with my family, I enjoy reading, especially fiction. My favorite book is the Tamil novel Ponniyin Selvan (The Son of Ponni). It has such a vivid narrative that I wish I could travel in time to see it all with my own eyes.

Another hobby is gardening. Since I live in an apartment and - most importantly - in Sweden, where we have 8 months of winter, I am currently restricted in this area. I grow some herbs in pots on my windowsill to have some green around.

3 Things I Can’t Live Without

  • Dosa. I can’t imagine my breakfast without these rice pancakes from my homeland.They are delicious!
  • Chai. My ritual, in the evening, after work is having a cup of chai, a special tea with some cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger.
  • Netflix. Good thriller or feel-good company together with some dosa or chai. Perfection.

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