Working At Curity

Software Engineer, Sweden

Nikos Anestos

Software Engineer, Sweden

My primary responsibility as a Software Engineer is helping our customers to integrate the Curity Identity Server into their systems and assist them in designing and building solutions to fit their needs. When time allows, I contribute to the work of the development team, focusing lately mostly on OAuth.Tools.

My Background

Before moving to Sweden to do a Master’s degree in Software Engineering I worked as a web developer in Greece. Security has always been an interest - especially in distributed systems, where solving problems becomes even more stimulating the harder those challenges become.

My Curity Story

I joined Curity straight after finishing University, and I really appreciate that since then, I’ve been given the opportunity to explore different technical capabilities as well as develop personal skills.

Nowadays, I deal mainly with architectural problems in terms of security, which intrigues me a lot as every customer’s needs are different. We use many cutting-edge technologies which makes it impossible for one person to be proficient at everything. Being involved with several parts of the development process helps me expand my knowledge in many areas and I learn a lot every day.

Another thing I like about Curity is the people. My colleagues are great, everyone is eager to learn and help each other.

In My Free Time

When I am not in front of a computer, I enjoy bike rides, playing board games, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

3 Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. Coffee
    The fuel of any developer, it must be number one!
  2. Computer and smartphone.
    I am pretty much tied to technology, so I can’t be away from my gadgets (even though I haven’t tried that ever!)

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