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Picture of Nathan Watson

Nathan Watson

Customer Success Engineer, US

I enjoy various aspects of working with customers, including solving problems, building relationships, and thinking strategically. Every day is different, which keeps me on my toes and fully engaged.

My Background

The Customer Success role came naturally to me. A friend recognized my ability to communicate effectively with decision-makers and engineers, prompting me to pursue a more conversational role. I enjoy helping customers bridge the gap between idea and execution. 

My first industry job was at a company delivering enterprise identity solutions, which sparked my interest in this field. I've since worked with distributed systems focused on identity and held a position as a Customer Success Engineer for an AI chatbot organization. 

My Curity Story

My day-to-day activities revolve around Curity’s current customers. I primarily hold meetings with each customer to discuss project statuses, gauge their happiness level, and generally provide a white-glove approach to customer service. 

I enjoy working remotely from the comfort of my home but I still get to travel to participate in events with the team from time to time. People are the best part of Curity so I’m happy to get to experience the absolute joy of connecting and spending time with them at industry conferences and trade shows. 

Curity has enabled me to have a proper work-life balance, having time outside of the office and making my time on the job more valuable and meaningful.


For me, a proper work/-life balance includes enough time for me to focus on and properly enjoy my personal time, prioritizing my mental and physical health, and having a job where I feel appreciated and my effort worthwhile. Curity provides this and more, with my manager being personable and attentive, and the company social culture promoting looking out for employees’ best interests. 

This way I have time for my hobbies and feel great about it. I don't think I could wish for anything else at the moment.

My Typical Day

My typical day starts with a meeting with my manager and other team members to see the status at the homebase and across the pond. Then I have a meeting or two with customers, followed by essential updates and research. Additionally, I might work on creating and updating customer success documentation, analyzing feedback, and collaborating with the product team to relay customer insights. I also dedicate time to studying and staying updated on industry trends. A significant part of my role involves implementing strategies for customer retention, ensuring customers are satisfied and engaged.

In My Free Time

In my free time I enjoy listening to audiobooks, cooking, and playing video or board games. 

3 Things I Can’t Live Without

My family (fiancé and dog-kiddo), a stable internet connection to quell the onslaught of questions that inevitably pop up during the day, and a proper kitchen space.

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