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Pedro Brito

Mobile Software Engineer, Portugal

As a Software Engineer working in Mobile Software Development, I design and implement software frameworks and apps that are used on mobile devices.

My Background

After graduating from university, I worked as a full-stack developer for some time when I discovered the world of smart mobile devices that have just started to become a big thing. I got my first smartphone and immediately started playing with it, learning how it works and how to build software for it. I felt like I had so much to learn that I decided I wanted to work doing that! And so it began... Fast forward more than 10 years, and I'm still learning new things all the time!

One such lesson was the importance of security. While working in mobile banking app development, I got in touch with the fundamental need to implement strong and secure measures to ensure the apps' users are safe and protected against bad actors while going around their lives using apps on their mobiles.

My Curity Story

What I like the most about Curity is the people coming from very different backgrounds and being experts in various spheres. This is what makes it engaging and super interesting to discuss various topics. It challenges me and keeps me motivated to learn more about what we do and how we do it, and always strive to get better at it.

I learned that no matter your level of experience, there is always room to learn and take in the experience and contributions of others. It's normal to have doubts and questions when designing and building software, no one knows all, nor is it the source of all truth. We are humans and we learn from experience and each other. In short, collaborative work produces the best results.

Work / Life

Work-life balance is very subjective; in my case, it means having a good, stable, and reliable work environment while also having everyone's support to keep things covered if/when something comes up. Deadlines exist and are an important part of keeping things running, but time crunching and burnout can be avoided by good management and supportive colleagues like the ones I found at Curity.

Speaking about remote work - it suits me perfectly. I never liked commuting much as it meant "wasting" time going to and from work every day, during which there's not much to do. Working remotely allows me to use that time for other things and thus makes me feel personally more accomplished and productive at work.

My typical day

Even though we're not in the office, I work as if it were not remote work. I maintain the usual daily routine as if I would go to an office, and I keep most of my schedule free to work in sync with others if/when necessary. We have some scheduled sync moments throughout the day, but most of the work is done async. What I end up doing is basically "headphones on, world off" and happy coding!

In my free time

My main priority has always been my family and spending some quality time with them, especially my daughter. So she gets most of my time when I'm off work - she's my main hobby.

3 Things I Can’t Live Without

  • My family - they are my ground support
  • Music - "Music soothes even the savage beast"
  • Tech gadgets - always on the snoop for the latest video games and gadgets

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