We know that applying for a new job can often feel overwhelming and intimidating, we feel you and have all been there. Our process may seem front heavy at a glance, but there actually is a method to the madness, and we aim to make the process as positive and friendly for you as possible. And rest assured, if you get by the first few gates, it’ll be very easy and welcoming by the end.

Here is what you can expect (this may vary depending on the role) to happen.


You see a role that interests you and send us your application, including your CV and degree certificate (if you have it). We do ask for a few other things up front too, this is so we can get to know the person behind the CV.

That’s why we ask you to send us a 45-75 second video answering the question “Why I want this job at Curity”, we will also ask you to write a 300-500-word essay explaining “One of the most difficult challenges I’ve overcome”, this could be at work or in your personal life. And remember, there are no wrong answers here, we’re just getting to know you.

Technical tests

Great, your profile looks like a good fit for the role - now it’s time for the technical tests. You do these online, at a time that suits you, from the comfort of your own chair, standing up, in a café or wherever you choose. Please note that once you have started a test you can’t pause it, so make sure you have enough time to complete each test.

Meet the team

You and one or several representatives of the team will interview over video chat. This conversation is an opportunity for you to learn more about Curity and the job and they can learn more about your experiences and interest going forward.

Decision stage

Hopefully, after the hiring team has collected feedback from varying levels of the organization, you receive an offer. If you accept the offer, references are checked, and we look forward to working with you. In a situation where you do not receive an offer, we always provide candidates with feedback to help with future interview processes.