Working At Curity

Product Marketing Engineer, Sweden

Judith Kahrer

Product Marketing Engineer, Sweden

As a Marketing Engineer, I touch upon many different technologies and questions, high and low. I implement plugins, publish examples for different frameworks with supporting how-to's, and write high-level articles about protocols and standards.

My Background

My interest in the issues of security and identity started already when I was in high school. I believed (and still do) that security is a critical element of the future of IT so I chose to study a relevant program at university. I've been lucky enough to work with very skilled people over the years who taught me a lot more about identity, which only increased my interest and gave me a push to look closer at this area as my professional field.

Having started my working life as a developer, I had moved onto being a security engineer and consultant when I first met the Curity team. Our paths crossed again when I was looking for the next step in my career. The opportunity to combine my interest in security and identity with the new challenge of being a Product Marketing Engineer felt like the perfect opportunity for me

My Curity Story

With great people comes a great product. We have a diverse and open-minded culture at Curity, and you can even see that in our contribution to different open source projects. Curity is simply a great place to work where we care about the product and the people.

Taking the step into the Product Marketing Engineering role has been new and exciting. Using my knowledge and previous experiences to help tell a story to our customers and the wider community is fun, and I have learned a lot. For example, I have learned that marketing can be more than just nice words and pics :) On a more serious note, I enjoy creating plug-ins, tutorials, and other tools for our users.

What I like most about working at Curity is my colleagues and the team spirit - supporting, challenging, always respectful, open-minded and professional.

In My Free Time

I used to enjoy climbing a lot, unfortunately, I do not have the time for it anymore. However, I live close to the woods and I love to go for a walk or a picnic with my family and friends.

3 Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. My smartphone
    I promised myself not to get addicted to it. I failed.
  2. Music
    I may live but not work without listening to music. I like to have some additional boost (and heavy stuff is here to help!)
  3. Pen and paper
    Although my generation is considered one of the first digital natives, I always carry a pen and paper for making notes and sketches.

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