Who We Are

We are a bunch of talented developers, engineers, and industry experts who solve complex identity problems. And we're just getting started.

Curity was launched in 2015, when our founders - identity specialists, code wizards, sales and finance professionals - sailed on a mission of making the Internet a safer place after and identifying the need for a solution that addressed both Identity and Access Management and API security in a standardized way, where the organization is in full control of their data and can manage user identities without the need for custom code.

About Curity
Curity has enjoyed a 4x growth

Always growing: Started in 2015, Curity has enjoyed a 4x growth.

Curity has enjoyed a 4x growth

Our goal is achieving gender balance at all company levels. We're not there yet, having only 24.5% / 75.5% ratio, but we are working hard to rectify this.

Curity has enjoyed a 4x growth

Our work language may be English, but more than 15 different languages are spoken within the team.

What We Value

Good Ideas

Good Ideas

Good ideas are the boss of Curity, so, if they are yours, you will lead — even as the newbie. Sometimes they won’t be though, so you will have to listen and respect your colleagues.

Innovation and Learning

Innovation and Learning

There is no going forward without learning and trying new things. We encourage the exploration of new technologies and would rather try and fail than not try at all.

Helping Our Customers

Helping Our Customers

We’re a diverse group of individuals, but we share one passion: helping our customers tackle identity and digital security challenges and, thus, making the Internet safer.

Working With the Community

We are big believers in open-source software and have always been committed to the availability of code. We also try to contribute to promoting equal opportunities and transparency in the digital world.

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OpenID Founcdation
Women In Identity

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