Working At Curity

Director of Engineering, Sweden

Peter Hagren

Director of Engineering, Sweden

As the Director of Engineering, I lead and guide the development team working on new releases of the Curity Identity Server. This means that I take part in product planning, work with support and customer success initiatives, and, of course, ensure that all of my team members feel great and inspired.

My Background

I have several decades of experience of working with various technologies and industries and have seen them evolve and change over the years. Computer boom, internet revolution, going from the business focus on hardware to software.

Right after school I worked with the TV and X-ray analogue technologies before joining Ericsson. There I spent 22 years in several different roles leading people, projects, programs, and products through different phases.

My Curity Story

I first came in contact with the Curity team in a previous role and was really impressed. I liked the mindset and the ambition they had for the product, so when the opportunity came up to join the team - I went for it. It’s been an exciting few years, and I look forward to being part of Curity’s continued growth journey.

What I like about Curity is working in a team of great people and seeing how we tackle a wide variety of tasks on an everyday basis. It is truly inspiring to see how fast a great product can be built if you have the right people doing it. It feels great to be a part of the effort of making the internet a safer place and learn how to be persistent and not give up on things when doing so.

In My Free Time

I love being outdoors and being active with my family, going skiing or biking. Whenever possible we try to share dinners and do something together. Now, when the children are grown up, every day we use the family channel on Snapchat to stay connected.

3 Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. Colored pens
    I have developed a system to keep my work organized, and pens in different colors are essential for notes during stand-ups and meetings.
  2. Headset
    As our developers are scattered around the globe, I spend a lot of time in digital meetings wearing my headset.
  3. My wood workshop
    It is always a mess and does not get the love it deserves. But carpentry gives so much back, a process of constant learning.

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