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Picture of Jonas Iggbom

Jonas Iggbom

Director of Sales Engineering, US

For me, no day looks the same. My role is split between technical pre-sales responsibilities, customer support and product market engineering - which makes it really exciting.

My Background

Security became my interest as early as high school. My university thesis was on IT security in general which landed me my first job at a company in Sweden. Later on, I started to focus more on IAM: privileged access management (PAM), fine-grained authorization and so on - doing product management for some parts but overall similar to what I do at Curity now.

My Curity Story

I joined Curity several years ago and have been involved in different sales stages.

In pre-sales, we deal a lot with educating prospects about all of the advanced capabilities of our technology and how we can solve various use cases. I’ve always loved well-developed apps and the Curity Identity Server is honestly the most robust product I’ve ever worked with. That and the reliability of our release cycle and the pace at which we deliver new functionality to our customers is unmatched. Whenever I work with prospects and customers, I’m super proud of the product we develop.

Customer support is similar but typically goes deeper, where we help with recommendations for implementing or solving very specific things. The product marketing engineer part of my job is also a mixed bag and could entail writing technical articles or blog posts, writing code for integration with another product, or delivering a talk at a conference.

Work / Life

I’m in the sweet spot of work-life balance. The flexibility between work and life when being remote is amazing.

I’ve been working remotely for over a decade. It fits my life extremely well and it’s a major contributor to why I love my job at Curity so much. Having a family with young kids is a challenge sometimes but not being tethered to an office helps the day-to-day circus.

I appreciate the flexibility I have here: I can drop the kids off or take them to sports practice - still getting the work done but maybe not all of it during the traditional office hours. It’s also great as I have ample time for my hobbies. I squeeze some of it in at 5am and sometimes bolt out a bit early on a Friday :)

My Typical Day

  • Early bike ride. Then coffee and breakfast and going through some emails before the rest of the family gets up

  • I often have an early morning call and then I typically have to feed the kiddos and take them to school. If I don’t have any more meetings I walk the dog.

  • Then it really depends, more calls with prospects, writing (an article or blog or similar) or head-deep in some coding.

  • Later in the afternoon I typically pick up the kids and when I get home try to get a bit more work done before it’s dinner time. Some days I get more work done after the kids are in bed.

In my free time

I basically love anything outdoors. I do some type of bike ride on an almost daily basis - MTB, gravel or road. In the winter I ski and snowboard when I get a chance. (photo?) I also love to hike and backpack with the family and our dog.

3 Things I Can’t Live Without

My bikes, my family and nature. Not necessarily in that order :)

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