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Keri LeBlanc

Marketing Communications, US

As a specialist in marketing communications, I create strategies, campaigns and content to boost brand awareness and engagement. My role involves research, keeping up with industry trends, and strategically leveraging various outreach vehicles.

My Background

I’ve been in technology marketing and communications for most of my career. I graduated with an English major and a Geology minor from the University of Texas just as the tech industry was starting to flourish in Austin. I used to joke that the only thing my degree prepared me for was writing about rocks until I recognized the exciting things happening in the tech industry. I discovered that the tech world was the perfect place to combine my love of creativity and communication with my love of science.

My Curity Story

I’ve worked at IAM and cybersecurity companies before, so working at Curity is a natural fit for me. Hands down, what attracted me to Curity and what I love most about my job is the people. Every member of the team is sincere, devoted and genuinely cares about the work we’re doing. You can see this manifested in the exceptional quality of the solutions that Curity produces. It comes through in the way the Curity doesn’t shy away from tackling the hardest, most intricate challenges that organizations and developers face.

I love that the work we’re doing helps to protect companies from the nefarious cyber threats causing so much angst and damage for companies and consumers. It annoys me that the full potential of the digital world is often limited because of those seeking unfair financial gain or looking to do harm. It is fulfilling for me to work for a company developing solutions to these serious problems. 


For me, work-life balance is being able to weave fulfilling work and family life into the flow of every day. It also means having the flexibility to adapt to the different demands of each life season. Working with Curity makes this possible for me and my family. Plus, working remotely gives me more concentrated, focused time to do a better job.

My Typical Day

  • First thing in the morning, my family and I feed our many animals. Then we let the horses out to pasture and get coffee and breakfast for ourselves.

  • I start working early at 7:00 am so that I have overlapping hours to collaborate with the international team in different time zones. Most of my meetings are usually in the morning. 

  • I used to eat lunch while I worked at my desk, but I’m breaking myself of that habit to give myself a proper midday break.

  • I typically spend my afternoons doing concentrated research and writing work. 

  • After work, I like to go for a short jog if I can. Then I pick up my daughter from school and we feed all of the animals and put the horses in their paddock before we settle into our evening routine.

In My Free Time

Most of my free time is spent hanging out with my husband, our two children and our animals on our little farm where we rescue horses and raise chickens. I also love design of all kinds and recently earned a design certification from the New York Institute of Art and Design. Sometimes, I take on interior design and styling projects for family and friends as a fun hobby.

3 Things I Can’t Live Without

  • Hugs from my family
  • London Fog tea drinks with lavender syrup
  • Antique furniture

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