PagerDuty Alarm Handling

PagerDuty Alarm Handling

Significantly reduce the impact of a failed resource by leveraging The Curity Identity Server’s built-in system monitor and alarm functionality. The out-of-the-box PagerDuty Alarm Handler will relay alarm messages to PagerDuty. Meaning your team can act immediately and resolve the underlying issue.

PagerDuty’s incident management system provides the ability to assign people and workflows to each incident to reduce the total time to resolution.

The alarm information contains details about impacted resources and assessed severity, making it easy for your team to know where to start looking and how to prioritize.

Faster Resolution

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Incident Severity

See Curity Identity Server in action

See Curity Identity Server in action

In this demo, we give you a comprehensive overview of the Curity Identity Server. What it is and what problems it helps you solve.

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