Curity enabled easier ways of logging in, leading to an increased usage of Com Hem's services

Com Hem was established in 1983 and is one of Sweden's leading suppliers of TV, telephony and high-speed internet access to Swedish homes and businesses under the Com Hem, Boxer and Phonera brands. They have approximately 1,200 employees with their head office in Stockholm, and provide services to about 1.5 million customers.


As one of the largest telecom operators with so many customers it is essential for Com Hem to provide leading, high quality services that are user friendly, accessible, and secure.

Before Curity, Com Hem did not have a centralized and unified solution for identity and access management, but instead had service-specific implementations resulting in long development processes. Fragmented identity management is time consuming, expensive, and takes a lot of resources to maintain. They needed to: Establish an easy and fast way of providing digital services – from design and development to operations Improve end user experience when accessing content and digital services


By using the Curity Identity Server, Com Hem was able to:

Centralize their identity and access management services across brands and products Establish Single sign-on (SSO) for Com Hem's web services and mobile apps such as Play and “Mina Sidor” (My Pages) Enable simplified but still highly secure ways (such as Mobile BankID) for Com Hem's customers to access services in a consistent way Enable future use of additional login methods


Centralizing the identity and access management made it easier for Com Hem to add more applications and services. The developers no longer needed to focus on identity solutions when building new services since; it was taken care of by the centralized instance of Curity Identity Server. This shortens the time to develop new and secure services, allowing the developers to spend more time on core business projects and value generating activities for the end users. This also increased collaboration between different teams within the organization.

Subsequently, the customer log-in rates increased significantly as a consequence. Previously the process was somewhat tedious from the user's perspective. The use of Curity enabled easier ways of logging in, leading to an increased the usage of Com Hem's services on mobile devices, personal computers, and smart TV applications.

Curity allowed us to supply a simple, secure and highly customizable identity platform for the millions of users accessing our mobile, web and smart TV services
Monika Gullin

Monika Gullin - Director IS/IT at Com Hem

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