How ATG moved to a microservice architecture with the Curity Identity Server

ATG is the betting company that knows horse racing. The company was founded in 1974 with the mission to safeguard the long-term development of trotting and thoroughbred racing by offering responsible betting. ATG´s vision is to deliver the world’s best betting experience. The offering is: Exciting betting experiences in a fair and convenient manner. Since 1 January 2019, ATG has expanded their offering from only horse betting to also include sports betting and casino games.


New business opportunities and a general need for modernization of the IT environment brings many interesting challenges for the organization. One key challenge is the traffic patterns and demand on ATG’s platforms. They experience many concurrent users, high and bursty transaction intensity. This coupled with strict requirements on performance, reliability, security and availability means that the IT architecture is critical for success.


The Curity Identity Server was selected as a major part of a modernized identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure where:

  • The Curity identity server provide easy to use identity and authentication management of microservices and digital services
  • The transition from a monolith architecture to microservices architecture has become possible, allowing for increased scalability.
  • The Curity implementation give a standardized IAM platform that allow further addition in a simple way.


The new modern IAM system has paved the way for a microservice design, that in its modern containerized deployment allow for elastic scaling of capacity, based on demand in a secure, flexible and modern way. With the new solution, ATG is also fulfilling the license regulation and provides a smooth registration and login experience for its over one million customers.

The Curity product provides us with the business-critical services for authentication and security for our customers. The platform is a cornerstone in ATG’s target architecture for Microservices.
Andreas Höjgård

Andreas Höjgård - Head of IT Architecture at ATG

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The Curity Identity Server is used by organizations across all industries to provide secure access to data to millions of users. Here are some examples of our valued customers:

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