Introduction to OAuth & OpenID Connect

Introduction to OAuth & OpenID Connect

APIs are used in virtually any modern digital services today, and OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect are the standards for secure APIs, the Internet’s identity and security protocols.

In our upcoming webinar we’ll look into the principles behind these standards and how they can help to secure your apps and websites. Regardless if you’re an architect, developer or in charge of your organizations’ products and services, increasing your understanding in this area will be essential in making your digital services scalable, easy to use, secure and privacy-oriented.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn how to use OAuth to secure your APIs

  • Understand how the different OAuth flows work

  • Explore what flow to use for different scenarios

  • Learn how to shape tokens for authorization decisions

  • Discover how to utilize OAuth in a microservices and DevOps oriented environment

Presented by:

Jacob Ideskog

Jacob Ideskog

CTO at Curity
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