Upgrading from 8.4.X to 8.5.0

Template Changes

A new template variable _hashedServerVersion is available that contains a truncated hash of the server version. This can be used for cache busting of CSS and JS file between server versions. The following templates have been updated to support this behaviour

  • core/fragments/css.vm
  • core/fragments/curity-ui.vm
  • core/settings-default.vm
  • core/settings.vm

It is possible to set your own version by overriding settings.vm and setting a custom value to _cacheBustingHash. By default it takes the _hashedServerVersion and applies as the busting version.

It is not required to update these templates if the cache busting is not needed.

TOTP Authenticator

The TOTP authenticator has been updated to no longer accept a DeviceId in generated key mode. This change led to the UI-kit being updated as well. In case your deployment uses modified templates, please verify that the template of TOTP registration (authenticator/totp/register/index.vm) is updated as well.

Deprecation notice

SAML Authenticator (since 7.6)

The SAML authenticator has been marked as deprecated since the Curity Identity Server version 7.6. It was replaced by the SAML2 authenticator. As support for the original SAML authenticator is planned to be dropped, it is strongly advised to migrate to the SAML2 authenticator.

Encap Authenticator (Since 8.4)

The Encap authenticator is now deprecated and will be removed in some future major version (the exact version when it will be deprecated is not yet decided). It is advised to reconsider the use of the Encap authenticator and instead investigate alternative means of authentication, or to find an alternative way of getting support for it.