Geolocation New Country Action

The Geolocation New Country Action gives the admin the ability to configure additional measures when a user attempts to login from a country that the user has never logged in before. This is not identical to the Changed Country Action since that would compare the current location to only the last known location. The New Country Action would compare the current location to a list of known locations for this specific user. If the current location does not exist in the list, then an attribute will be returned from the action and based on that further measures can be taken; not necessarily blocking the login.


The configuration of the Geolocation New Country action accepts the following parameters:

Configuration Mandatory Description
bucket Yes The bucket to save the list of known locations for the user.
new-country-action-attribute-name No The name of the attribute that will be potentially used from a following action. Default value is requireSecondFactor.
new-country-action-attribute-location No The location for the above attribute. Default value is subject-attributes.

Fig. 108 New Country Action Configuration Dialog