Geolocation Changed Country Action

The Geolocation Changed Country Action allows an administrator to take additional measures when the user attempts to login from some other country than they were during their last login. For instance, imagine that a user is located in Sweden and they login using an authenticator that has this action configured. If that is the country that they always login from, then the action should not get triggered. On the contrary, if the user tries to authenticate from an IP address in Japan, then the action should get triggered, since this is different that their last known country to login from.


The configuration of the Geolocation Changed Country action accepts the following parameters:

Configuration Mandatory Description
changed-country-action-attribute-name No The name of the attribute that will be potentially used from a following action. Default value is requireSecondFactor.
changed-country-action-attribute-location No The location for the above attribute. Default value is subject-attributes.
bucket Yes The bucket that will be used to store users’ locations.

Fig. 106 Changed Country Action Configuration Dialog