Restart Action

The Restart action restarts the ongoing action pipeline. It supports two different operation modes:

Mode Description
Always Always restart action pipeline.
Attribute Condition Check for a boolean attribute and restart action pipeline if that attribute value matches the expected one.

After the action pipeline is restarted the associated authenticator can be invoked again before the action pipeline is rerun. This behavior is configured using the reRunAuthenticator configuration option.


The following configuration options are available:

Configuration Mandatory Description
always no Always restart action pipeline.
attribute-condition no Restart action pipeline depending on the presence of an attribute.
attribute-condition/name yes The name of the attribute.
attribute-condition/source yes The source of the attribute (subject-attributes, context-attributes, action-attributes)
attribute-condition/expected-value no The expected value of the attribute to restart action pipeline. Defaults to: true
reRunAuthenticator no The flag indicating whether authenticator should be rerun again after restart. Defaults to: false

Note that either always or attribute-condition must be specified. Also note that setting the reRunAuthenticator to true in an SSO action pipeline has no effect and the authenticator will not be invoked (since during the SSO an authenticator is not run).