Attribute Prompt Action

The Attribute Prompt Action checks if each configured attribute is present on its attribute location (Subject Attributes, Context Attributes, or Action Attributes). If at least one of them is not found, a form will be shown where the user can fill the missing attributes. If all the configured attributes are available (i.e. from a previous action), the prompt will not be shown.


The configuration of the Attribute Prompt action accepts a list of attributes with the following parameters:

Configuration Mandatory Description
name yes The attribute name (has to be unique).
is-required no Set to true if the attribute is required, defaults to false.
regular-expression no The regular expression to be used for input validation.
type yes The type of the input, defaults to text, other options are password, email, url, tel, number, checkbox, color.
attribute-source no The location from where the attribute is retrieved and to where the attribute is added (subject-attributes, context-attributes, action-attributes). The default is the subject-attributes location.

Fig. 96 Attribute Prompt Configuration Dialog


The labels, errors and icons (icons don’t apply for types color and checkbox) can be localized.

For an attribute with name=phoneNumber:

  • authentication-action.attribute-prompt.attribute.phoneNumber.label=Phone Number
  • authentication-action.attribute-prompt.attribute.phoneNumber.icon=phone-portrait
  • authentication-action.attribute-prompt.validation.error.phoneNumber.required=Phone Number is required
  • authentication-action.attribute-prompt.validation.error.phoneNumber.validation.failed=Phone Number not valid


The keys validation.error.{attribute_name}.required and validation.error.{attribute_name}.validation.failed come into play when is-required and regular-expression are set, respectively.