Sequence Action

The Sequence action is used to combine a list of actions and represent them as a single action. It is configured with a list of inner actions, which are sequentially executed when the Sequence action is executed.

A Sequence’s inner action can be any other action, including another Sequence action. The only limitation is that a Sequence action can not include itself, directly or indirectly, since that would result in an endless loop. Only direct self-references are checked during configuration, however indirect references are checked during execution.

A Sequence’s inner action can return any type of result, including a pending completion result.

An authentication action event still gets emitted for each inner action that gets executed. However, no event is emitted for the Sequence action itself.


The following configuration options are available:

Configuration Mandatory Description
action yes A list with the identifiers for the inner actions, containing at least one element.

As an example, the following XML excerpt

  <sequence xmlns="">

defines the sequence-0 Sequence action, which when executed will call the actions action-0, action-1, and action-2 sequentially.