Time-based Deny Action

It is possible to deny login or SSO during certain hours of the day. It can be used to prohibit login except during certain times of the date. For instance, if login (or SSO) should only be done between 9 o’clock in the morning until 5 in the evening, this can be setup by configuring the an instance of this action.

An example of configuring this action in the admin UI is shown in the following figure:


Fig. 120 Configuring the time-based deny action in the admin UI

In Fig. 120, the start time when authentication begins to be allowed is the hour and minutes labeled From and the end time when login stops being allowed is the time labeled by the To value. Outside of this time, the action will prohibit login or SSO.


To block access until or after a certain time on a certain day, use the Date/Time Deny Action instead.

This action is open source and the code and documentation can be found on the action’s GitHub project page.