Upgrading from 7.1.X to 7.2.0

Version 7.2.0 contains changes to SDK and non-mandatory, logging-related changes. Details are provided below.

SDK Changes

Interface of obligations changed

The interface of obligations changed notably in this release. These are breaking changes, however they were done in classes marked as @Experimental. See GraphQLObligation, ScimObligation and their sub-interfaces.

Logging Changes

The isUnicode="false" attribute must be added to each of the Column elements in the JDBC appender element (with name of audit-db) in the $IDSVR_HOME/etc/log4j2.xml file in order to use PostgreSQL as the audit database. An example is shown in the following listing:

<JDBC name="audit-db" tableName="audit">
        <Column name="id" pattern="%structured_data_id" isUnicode="false" />
        <Column name="event_type" pattern="%structured_data_type" isUnicode="false" />
        <!-- Add isUnicode attribute to each Column eleement... -->

This change is included in the log4j2.xml configuration file shipped with this release, but customized Log4j configuration files will need to be updated before using PostgreSQL to store log messages.