The signup authentication action supports user account registration. The action can be configured with one of two registration factors:

  1. password - the account would be created using a password as the primary authentication method
  2. authenticator - one of the supported authenticators would generate the factor used for authentication, currently supported authenticators include: TOTP, SMS, Webauthn and Passkeys.

The action configuration model provides means to define and customize attributes that will be collected and persisted during the account registration. When combined in the authentication flow with the require active account authentication action, it allows for the creation and activation of a new user’s account.


When configured with authenticator as a registration factor the action requires that the authenticator has the action as a pre-requisite for registration.

Configuration Mandatory Description
signup-fields no List of fields presented to the user in the account creation form.
account-manager yes The account manager used to create an account.
password/credential-manager no The credential manager used to create the password.
authenticator/signup-authenticator no The authenticator used to create the registration factor.
authenticator/bucket/data-source no The data source used by the bucket is required (when used with TOTP authenticator) to persist additional information by signup-authenticator.