Bundle Action

The Bundle action represents a list of sub-actions combined to simplify the complete execution flow. Similar to Sequence action, the Bundle contains a list of inner actions, which are sequentially executed when it is attached to an authenticator. The inner actions are grouped into two sequences of actions: login and SSO. When adding an action Bundle to an authenticator, via the Web UI, it gets automatically added to the login and SSO actions of that authenticator. The Bundle can be attached to any stage of action execution and mixed with any preceding and succeeding actions. Due to the their distinctive characteristics, a Bundle action is listed under a separate subsection of Actions.


The configuration of the new Bundle can be completed only using Admin Web UI, and only from one of the templates (config specs) provided. Bundles can be created and manged in the Action Bundle section of Actions, it is not possible to create a Bundle type action in the new action wizard on Actions page. Newly created Bundle might create additional configuration elements needed for its purpose (primarily sub-actions), any modifications to elements created by the action will influence Bundle behaviour. The Curity Identity Server comes with several useful Bundles included that could be customized during the configuration process.