Account Manager

Account managers handle user accounts for the authentication. They are used in the Authentication Service and in the Token Service when access to the account is needed.

The following tasks are performed by an account manager:

  1. Create new accounts
  2. Delete accounts
  3. Update accounts
  4. Activate accounts
  5. Link accounts
  6. Look up accounts
  7. Look up linked accounts
  8. Delete links on accounts

Registration - Create account

Registration is the process of creating new accounts. It can be used if the account manager has registration enabled in the configuration.

When registration is enabled, authenticators (such as the html-form authenticator) will show the registration option, and users can create accounts.

Account Verification Method

Account Verification deals with making sure that the user exists. Typically this is done by sending an email with a confirmation link to the address the user has entered.

Before Account Verification the account is de-activated, and the user cannot authenticate.

Username is Email

The setting username-is-email (and corresponding AccountManager.useUsernameAsEmail method in the SDK service) specifies that the username is to be used as primary email whenever an email is needed.

When set, this means that no other email attribute is required for the account, and the email field in the Create Account or Reset Password page is hidden.

All emails, such as Activation or Reset Password will be sent to the email from the username attribute. This requires all user names to be functional email addresses.


If Active Directory is used as the account data source, this setting cannot be used. Active Directory requires a sAMAccountName which is not in the form of an email.