The Selector authentication action allows setting an attribute with the result of an user selection. The action configuration has a list with one or more options, each containing a title and a value. When running, the action presents to the user a list with all the configured option titles (the option values are not shown). After the user selects one of the options, the action sets the attribute with the value associated to the selected option.

Both the name and location of the setted attribute can be configured.


The following configuration settings are available:

Configuration Mandatory Description
attribute-name yes The name of the attribute to set.
attribute-target no The target location for the attribute to set (subject-attributes, context-attributes, action-attributes). Defaults to action-attributes.
option yes The list with one or more selectable options.
title no The title to be displayed for the selection. Can be a message key.

Each option has the following configuration settings:

Configuration Mandatory Description
title yes The text to be displayed to the user. Can be a message key.
boolean-attribute-value, integer-attribute-value or string-attribute-value yes The attribute value to use when this option is selected. Only one of these settings can be specified (the exact one depends on the value’s type).